Scripting/Extensions BoF at Akademy?

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at
Sat Aug 9 17:04:18 BST 2014

> Greetings all,
> I'd like to ask if there is any interest of having a BoF around the topic of
> script language based extensions for KDE applications.
> Some applications already offer that, e.g. Kate, and Plasma is even designed
> around that idea.
> But currently there seems to be quite some infrastructure implemented
> multiple
> times, e.g. a "require" or "include" mechanism for QtScript.
> My goal for the BoF would be to see which functional blocks we have spread
> across KDE software, if we could identify bits that can be upstreamed and
> bits
> that would be nice in a KScriptAddon framework.
> One thing for the latter could be support for packages, probably based on
> Plasma packages, as a nice and common way of making application extensions
> distributable including assets and translations.

for the JS scripting in KatePart I would be interested in a BoF, for the Python stuff I have
actually no clue how it works :P

Interesting would be, what we should use for scripting actually.
KatePart still uses QtScript which is in "maintainance" mode, I tried to port to the the
Qml/JSEngine stuff, but that was to buggy in 5.2, perhaps in 5.3 and later it is usable.



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