Review Request 110662: Add dbus signal to ksmserver, used for requesting session saving from services.

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Tue Oct 29 17:53:43 GMT 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace, Aaron J. Seigo, Ivan Čukić, and Thomas Lübking.

Repository: kde-workspace


Support session saving in the activity manager service, which can be started before ksmserver and therefore it could potentially not have contact with ksmserver over ICE. Do this by emitting a dbus signal when the current session should be saved.
Only support for "save state" or "local", which is used for saving current window positions and such, not the "commit state" or "global" which is used to save files the user has opened. A service like the activity manager should only need the former since it is not an application.

Separate review for adding support in kamd.


  ksmserver/org.kde.KSMServerInterface.xml 9dad130 
  ksmserver/server.h 3b993c5 
  ksmserver/shutdown.cpp d1db3ff 



Tested by running a full kde session compiled from master, logging of the signal with qbusviewer.
With "restore previous session" set: signal emitted at all logouts. "save session" button is not available.
With "restore manually saved session" set: signal emitted on manual "save session" activation but not on log out.


Simon Persson

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