kactivities master becomes Qt5/KF5-based

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Mon Oct 21 18:14:23 BST 2013

> Well, to be honest, if you don't want a 4.13 release i'd prefer you actually
> use master for KF5. Otherwise people might random-commit fixes to master
> and then wonder why they never got into a release, so the two situations i
> think make sense are:

People don't really contribute to kactivities, but I agree.

>  A) wait until we branch "KDE/4.12" and then use "master" for KF5, not
> release kactivities 4.13 and maybe release more 4.12.x of kactivities than
> the rest of the SC if there are fixes for it

This is what I was thinking of - until we branch, the branch is called 
frameworks, and after that it will be moved to master.

> Am I making any sense?

Perfect sense, as usual mate :)


So much complexity in software comes from trying to make
one thing do two things.
  -- Ryan Singer

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