Review Request 110687: DrKonqi should check for disabled version as the very first step in the reporting assistant.

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Tue May 28 09:03:52 BST 2013

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Review request for KDE Runtime and George Kiagiadakis.


As I have said in,  Bugzilla's new and nice behavior (since 4.2.5) of rejecting reports against disabled versions brings a new usability problem to DrKonqi: users spend value time in downloading debug symbols, generating the backtrace, writing all information he/she can recall, but in the end only to find an error dialog which tells them (in a not so clear and friendly way) that won't receive his/her report. 

I would propose making version checking the very first step in the reporting assistant: a perfect bug report against a outdated version is still useless. 


This addresses bug 315073.





Jekyll Wu

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