Review Request 110673: Fixed problems in opening files with unicode space character in its path.

John L Chen john0312 at
Mon May 27 19:36:51 BST 2013

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Review request for kdelibs.


Fixed Bug 268771.
The isSpecial() function in kshell_unix() doesn't recognize unicode space, that leads to errors in opening files that have unicode space in them.

This addresses bug 268771.


  kdecore/util/kshell_unix.cpp 8614424f4d902a3fa5afe4397f5981f1827a25c6 



Paths with the following characters now opens properly:
U+180E U+200A U+202F U+205F U+1680 U+2000 U+2001 U+2002 U+2003 U+2004 U+2005 U+2006 U+2007 U+2008 U+2009 U+3000


John L Chen

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