Moving Plasma Media Center to extragear

Sinny Kumari ksinny at
Tue May 21 05:37:50 BST 2013


Any news on this? Does PMC look ok now from your side so that we can move
it to extragear ?

If not, please let us know what all changes we still need to do.


On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 8:18 PM, Shantanu Tushar Jha <shantanu at>wrote:

> Hi David,
> Thanks for the points, we have fixed everything you mentioned. For the
> d-pointer and SONAME issues, I understand we should be more vigilant from
> now on and take care of these things. While the mistake in the first
> release is undoable, I think its better we fix things right now, as we
> don't really have more than a couple of people using the libs outside
> mediacenter.
> In a summary, we've added d-pointers wherever there is a public header and
> updated SONAME so the release 1.1 will have 1.1 set as SONAME.
> Also, the krazy issues are fixed as well, alongwith support for
> translation with lot of help :)
> On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 5:05 PM, David Edmundson <
> david at> wrote:
>> Summary:
>> Few minor comments. Nothing particularly exciting.
>> All in all I was fairly impressed with the code, it's neat and tidy
>> and you've had 2 releases which is the right approach to getting in
>> Extragear
>> Assuming you've addressed Albert's comments, +1 from me on this.
>> Comments
>> ---
>> FilterPlaylistModel::setFilterString
>> don't call beginResetModel() instead call invalidateFilter()
>> PlaylistModel::PlaylistModel
>> avoid creating a new KStandardDirs instance. Use KGlobal::dirs()
>> LocalVideosModel::m_pendingThumbnails
>> you're storing a QModelIndex for the thumb being fetched. Always store
>> QPersistantModelIndexes in case the model changes
>> BackendsModel and PlaylistsModel should be using a d-pointer, as they
>> are in the library and the headers are installed. (Assuming this is
>> meant to be a public API. The fact that you've already called the
>> release 1.0, to me implies it should be, people assume a lot from a
>> version number). Obviously fixing this will break the ABI... so I'm
>> not sure what you want to do.
>> Related, make sure you are setting your .so version number correctly.
>> It's on 0.9.. which could mean you've been ABI stable since 0.9 (which
>> is great) or it could mean you set it the first release and forgot
>> about it. I've not checked the git log to confirm either way.
>> SubtitleProvider
>> whitespace is all over the place
>> In general:
>> Not enough comments, this applies to almost every software project
>> ever made, so this isn't a blocker - but as the maintainer I suggest
>> you keep an eye out for it, and start telling people to add comments
>> in review when they write something non-trivial.
>> I'm not sure the last release should have gone in "stable" on
>> given as it wasn't in extragear yet. It's too late to
>> change now, but I wanted to draw attention on the list to it. I think
>> we maybe need to define that better.
> --
> Shantanu Tushar    (UTC +0530)

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