new WebP image plugin (kimgio) and cmake question

Martin Koller kollix at
Sat May 11 18:13:46 BST 2013

After a too long time, I try it again:

On Saturday 01 September 2012 10:34:27 Martin Koller wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've implemented a new kimgio plugin for the WebP image format.
> read/write with variable quality is supported.

> - how can I add a new MIME Type for image/x-webp ?

There was a comment by David Faure:
> Follow the instructions at
> in order to submit the mimetype definition for inclusion into
> shared-mime-info itself [which I can do, then].

However in the meantime somebody did that already:
although it seems unclear if the mime type shall be image/webp or image/x-webp
and also I think the magic check 
<match type="string" value="WEBPVP8" offset="8"/>
is wrong and should only be
<match type="string" value="WEBP" offset="8"/>

> - given that this is in kdelibs, in which branch could I commit this ?
> I did already create a review request:

Is this something which can be included into 4.11, and if so, where ?
If it's not possible for kdelibs, I could also include it into the kolourpaint
repository (given that I'm the maintainer of it).

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