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Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Sat May 11 11:15:17 BST 2013


> >In general, you're mixing a lot of plain C / stdlib stuff into Qt
> >code. Is there a reason for that? For example, in
> >calculations.cpp:148
> >you take text from a text field, convert it to a byte array, convert
> >it to a char* and then pass it to a function. Why not just pass the
> >QString? You can iterate over a QString like
> >foreach ( const QChar& c, myqstring ) { ... }
> >or also
> >for ( int i = 0; i < myqstring.size(); i++ ) { ... }
> >if you like that better, and you can also index it like a char*, as
> >in
> >mystring[i+1] or so.
> Yes, this is an heritage from the older version of Kartesio, that was
> based
> mainly on plain ANSI C++. Those mixing are just  an hack to make
> Kartesio work
> immediately. If I'll have time, I will "translate" everything into
> Qt, but
> first of all I would like to apply other features.

You asked for an inclusion in KDE and we are reviewing Kartesio. There is already a big amount of work to be done from the comments you got. I don't think adding features now is a smart move, review is a phase where your program should reach KDE standards. Using Qt libs wherever possible is the priority and getting all the required fixes will make you busy enough. 

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