Frank Reininghaus frank78ac at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 20 13:18:49 BST 2013

Hi Sune,

2013/6/20 Sune Vuorela:
>>> so Frank, please, pretty please, can you reconsider?
>> I see that Ivan rewrote the plugin and that it does at least not do
>> anything fishy any more before the context menu is shown. I also
>> understand that people who do not have to deal with the bug reports
>> mess and only see the possible benefits of the plugins don't like my
>> proposal to disable all plugins by default.
> I haven't - yet - seen such bug reports, but that's mostly because we
> are a bit behind in Debian. I'm sure that, if it wasn't fixed, I would
> have recieved multiple bug reports there about the issue.
> And I'm pretty sure that most people active in this thread has seen the
> downsides of plugins or at least thought about them.
>> So yes, I am willing to
>> reconsider, and I don't mind if the ugly workaround is removed before
>> the API freeze. But I'd appreciate it if someone else (Sune maybe?)
>> could make the changes in the three repositories. I have wasted so
> If you want, I can allocate the time tonight to remove the workaround in
> the ~three repositories.

That would be great. I don't really know when will be the next time
I'm at home in front of the computer with some spare time, and I still
have quite a few patches of mine that are now tested by others and
have to be rebased and pushed.

The workaround commits to be undone are (all in the master branch):


Thanks for your help and best regards,

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