Sune Vuorela nospam at vuorela.dk
Thu Jun 20 13:00:02 BST 2013

On 2013-06-20, Frank Reininghaus <frank78ac at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I admit that the current "solution" is an ugly hack. But it was never
> meant to be an "arms race". Please note that I proposed and
> implemented this at a time when Ivan still refused to acknowledge that
> there is a bug in his plugin at all. There was no real solution in
> sight, so a hackish workaround was the only way to protect users who
> have the plugin installed on their system (i.e., everyone who uses
> KDE) and who do not use it, from its bugs. And to be honest, I also
> needed this for myself, to prevent that this extremely frustrating
> experience completely ruins my motivation to work on KDE in my free
> time.

I fully understand that getting blame for such issues that one has
absolutely no control over can lead to fustration and decrease
motivation. I might also, had I been in your wanted to do something
about it.

I have also - as a user - run into that bug a couple of times and cursed
quite a bit. I found it in the right click menu of konqueror (web
browser) though, not in the file manager. 

>> so Frank, please, pretty please, can you reconsider?
> I see that Ivan rewrote the plugin and that it does at least not do
> anything fishy any more before the context menu is shown. I also
> understand that people who do not have to deal with the bug reports
> mess and only see the possible benefits of the plugins don't like my
> proposal to disable all plugins by default. 

I haven't - yet - seen such bug reports, but that's mostly because we
are a bit behind in Debian. I'm sure that, if it wasn't fixed, I would
have recieved multiple bug reports there about the issue.

And I'm pretty sure that most people active in this thread has seen the
downsides of plugins or at least thought about them.

> So yes, I am willing to
> reconsider, and I don't mind if the ugly workaround is removed before
> the API freeze. But I'd appreciate it if someone else (Sune maybe?)
> could make the changes in the three repositories. I have wasted so

If you want, I can allocate the time tonight to remove the workaround in
the ~three repositories. 

Best Regards

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