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Thu Jun 20 11:03:56 BST 2013

Hi Frank,

On Thursday, June 20, 2013 10:51:58 Frank Reininghaus wrote:
> Moreover, I will from now on:
> (a) Close all "Dolphin freezes/crashes/formats my hard drive when
> right-clicking a file" bug reports immediately, unless the bug
> descrition states that the issue persists when all plugins are
> disabled, and

Just closing such a bugreport will leave the reporter puzzled and dismayed. 
Why not just ask to reproduce with plugins disabled, then enable plugin for 
plugin, and reassign the bug accordingly? That would be useful for the user, 
and it would actually work towards getting the bug fixed.

> (b) If anything as bad as the Activities issue ever happens again, and
> the plugin developer refuses to respond to bug reports for more than
> one or two weeks, I will prevent that this plugin is loaded in
> Dolphin, and I won't care if anyone says that I shouldn't do it
> because it's an ugly workaround.

Let's assume we can do better, and not spew threats around on mailing lists. 
That's not going to help, and most likely, any new case will be different 
enough to warrant at least some communication around it.

I understand that working on a central piece within KDE can be frustrating, 
and I think everybody does, but just doing something, knowing that it's a bad 
solution, which can be solved with better collaboration is simply below KDE's 
standard. Meeting those takes this little bit extra, especially with hard 
problems, but it's worth putting it in.

Social or communication problems should not be solved with code commits, that 
has lead to bad results in the past. Been there, done that, the ride wasn't 


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