Review Request 110922: Fix Bug 319119 - Dolphin doesn't notice when renaming failed

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Mon Jun 10 10:22:25 BST 2013

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(Updated June 10, 2013, 9:22 a.m.)

Review request for Dolphin, KDE Base Apps, David Faure, and Frank Reininghaus.


Let the old rename methods call the new renameV2 methods to avoid code duplication, but ignore the return values to guarantee binary compatibility.

Moved the RENAME flag to the end of the Operation list.


Change the data in the model before the real renaming is done by KonqOperations::rename(),
but when the rename operation fails, revert the data changes in the model.

The problem is that DolphinView::slotRoleEditingFinished() changes the data in the model *before* the actual renaming is performed by KonqOperations/KIO.
But we need this approach for the following cases:
* Immediate feedback from the users point of view (No delay between finish renaming and DolphinView updates)
* Missing file system/dir lister signals, when there is no file system notification system (ftp, ssh, ...)

A lot of code in konq_operations.h and konq_operations.cpp is just copy and paste, to guarantee binary compatibility. (added some TODOs for KF 5.0)

This addresses bug 319119.

Diffs (updated)

  dolphin/src/views/dolphinview.h 5a70c55 
  dolphin/src/views/dolphinview.cpp 9a4b863 
  lib/konq/konq_operations.h a9aec89 
  lib/konq/konq_operations.cpp cbb058c 



Works for me.

Tested with a remote ssh file system on a virtual machine.


Emmanuel Pescosta

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