Review Request 108685: Make it possible to overwrite content-lenght using metaData

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Thu Jan 31 16:15:38 GMT 2013

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Review request for kdelibs, Dawit Alemayehu and Andreas Hartmetz.


When submitting a Content-Type: multipart/related using AsyncDataEnabled you need to specify the Content-Length of the whole thing you are trying to send, not just of the first chunk of the data. http::SendBody will append the Content-Length using the length of the first chunk of data automatically.

This patch adds the possibility of indicating the Content-Lenght using metadata "content-length".

Another option will be using the data set in "setTotalSize" in case it makes all the trip down to the kioslave.

Also, is there any case where we want AsyncDataEnabled but we don't need to specify the content-length? 


  kioslave/http/http.cpp 2d139a9 




Àlex Fiestas

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