Review Request 108675: kjs: Implement Function.prototype.bind

Bernd Buschinski b.buschinski at
Wed Jan 30 16:34:22 GMT 2013

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Review request for kdelibs.


kjs: Implement Function.prototype.bind
following ECMAScript Edition 5.1r6

The only tiny difference is that the "thisArg" can not be null or undefined.
As we call use null or undefined as thisObject in call.
So, like in, I use the global object instead.

NOTE: this patch also depends on Object.defineOwnProperty


  kjs/function.h 5dbbfb2 
  kjs/function.cpp 6263b36 
  kjs/function_object.h ebcb937 
  kjs/function_object.cpp 76f55cb 



passes all Function.prototype.bind ecmascript testcases and does not introduce regressions.


Bernd Buschinski

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