Review Request 108570: This patch add support for bulk operations in systemtray applet settings.

Sandro Andrade sandroandrade at
Thu Jan 24 05:34:28 GMT 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace.


In page 'entries', user can select/deselect a specific or all entries and then change visibility and/or reset shortcut for all of them with a single combo selection/clear button click. Individually selecting all entries causes header's checkbox to automatically be checked. After selecting all entries (individually or by clicking in header's checkbox), a single entry deselection causes header's checkbox to automatically be unchecked. General suggestions and, in particular about UI usability, are appreciated.


  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/applet.h 0b4a869 
  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/applet.cpp 09482d7 
  plasma/generic/applets/systemtray/ui/autohide.ui 3b6efff 




Sandro Andrade

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