[Kde-pim] Push access to kdepim and kdepimlibs suspended

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Wed Jan 23 14:58:00 GMT 2013

On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 08:33:55 Till Adam wrote:
> That was me, it seems, please accept my apologies. I was under the imression
> that "commit to 4.10, merge 4.10 into master" is the recommended work flow.
> If I understand correctly the problem was that I committed to a 4.10 that
> had just been merged so the parent was a merge commit? Several people
> endorsed my git skill on LinkedIn, so I feel I need to understand what went
> wrong here ;). 
> Thanks to those who fixed the repos late at night, and sorry again.

If that makes you feel better, I've also just endorsed you for your Git 
skills. :-)

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