Review Request 108541: KBugReport should open enter_bug.cgi directly instead of wizard.cgi on

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Tue Jan 22 11:09:26 GMT 2013

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Review request for kdelibs and Ben Cooksley.


Currently kbugreport just can't fill platform information. There are two reasons:

1. kbugreport currently pass the results of uname, while expects a few
predefined values like "Gentoo packages", "Chakra", "Ubuntu packages", etc.

2. even if kbugreport passes those expected values, wizard.cgi in its current form doesn't correctly redirect those info to enter_bugs.cgi, since the latter expects and understands "sys_os" and "rep_platform" fields, instead of the "additional_info" field.

    According to this commit[1], the home-made wizard.cgi exists solely for the sake of compatibility. So I wouldn't expect any one has the motivation to improve wizard.cgi.  

This patch makes kbugreport interact with enter_bug.cgi directly.  It doesn't really improve anything, but it comes as preparation for further work.  There is no functionality lost, since the feature of filling platform information has been broken for a long time.

Side note: As written in the TODO, I would like to make kbugreport correctly fill OS and Platform information. The plan is stupid, just reuse/copy the systeminformation.cpp[2] from drkonqi, which does a good job in guessing OS and Platform for drkonqi. But I don't know whether such code duplication is allowed or will interfere with the frameworks .


This addresses bug 291346.


  kdeui/dialogs/kbugreport.cpp 2e72828 




Jekyll Wu

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