Review Request 104746: kjs: Implement Object.isExtensible and Object.preventExtensible

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Tue Jan 22 03:12:05 GMT 2013

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(Updated Jan. 22, 2013, 3:12 a.m.)

Review request for kdelibs.


- Rebase on KDE/4.10 and update to current API.
- Get rid of toString calls in exceptions messages which could also throw an exception


kjs: Implement Object.isExtensible and Object.preventExtensible

Also imeplement the changes nesseary to correctly behave on isExtensible or not.
-> allow chaning the value of already existing property, do not allow adding new property.

Diffs (updated)

  kjs/array_instance.cpp 2469316 
  kjs/object.h 9446349 
  kjs/object.cpp 9249902 
  kjs/object_object.cpp 39161e2 
  kjs/property_map.h a41736a 



ecmascript* test


Bernd Buschinski

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