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Fri Jan 11 11:53:27 GMT 2013

Em Friday 11 January 2013, Martin Sandsmark escreveu:
> On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 10:32:38AM +0100, Marco Martin wrote:
> > 311188 since i don't have a a multiscreen setup at the moment
> Me neither, unfortunately. :(
> > difference between 312427 and 311033 (but then he confirmed that he had
> > xscreensaver enabled as well so they're actually duplicates)
> Thanks for fixing it. :D
> > in 311116 here works in the case a screensaver is enabled (ie esc shows
> > the screensaver again)
> Yes, I tested this briefly yesterday, and it seemed to work, but not
> always. I'll test more when I get home again.
> > this i can reproduce, i don't know much yet how to fix:
> > 310611 (accelerators)
> The code from Elias won't work?

	Actually, that code belongs to basysKom (I mean the copyright) and I 
wrote it for them when I worked in basysKom's Contour project. Anyway, after 
some time researching I came to the conclusion that QML does not implement the 
concept of accelerators, so I had to emulate it in the QML shutdown dialog.

	The problem with that implementation is how to list all buttons in a 
given window and only on that window so buttons in different windows but with 
the same accel key are not triggered at the same time. In QML shutdown dialog 
the list is hardcoded so this was not a big deal, to implement something 
similar in Plasma Components we need something better.

Lamarque V. Souza
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