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Martin Sandsmark martin.sandsmark at
Thu Jan 10 18:37:57 GMT 2013


The new lock screen has some more or less serious regressions, and doesn't
seem to be maintained by anyone in particular (one of the regression bugs
filed against it is from november, and I don't really see anyone in
particular commenting or fixing anything, it only got a handful of commits
in december).

So, who is supposed maintain this new screenlocker? In its current state it
provides nothing new over the old lock screen (for users), but has about a
dozen (12 filed ones, maybe more unreported ones?) regressions.

A list of the current regressions are available here:

I can help fix some of them, but I know nothing about the codebase, and not
really much about QML, so I would at least appreciate some help.

Another alternative is to revert the replacement for KDE 4.10, and instead
postpone it for KDE 4.11, though that's not nice considering how it has been
marketed already. But IMHO it's better than shipping it in its current state
so that people won't think that QML == regressions and brokenness.

Martin Sandsmark
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