KDEREVIEW: share like connect and plasmate

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Jan 6 01:08:02 GMT 2013

hi ..

feedback was taken into consideration; fixes were made; some issues have been 
punted to the next release so we can practice "release early, release often, 
make it better each release" rather than "release when it is perfect, namely 

please move plasmate out of kdereview so we can get back to making a release 
and starting on the next iteration of improvements.

a more detailed response follows...

On Thursday, January 3, 2013 17:37:21 Pino Toscano wrote:
> Alle giovedì 3 gennaio 2013, Giorgos Tsiapaliokas ha scritto:
> > some comments in this review aren't productive and this makes the
> > whole process harder..
> <rant>
> Right, it would have been easier if you would had started *reading* and
> trying to *understand* all my comments from day #1, instead of dismiss
> half of them and underestimate the other half.
> </rant>

i hate coming back from a few days off to find things like this in my email. 
it's so unecessarily discouraging.

i'm very happy with the review feedback we received and it was all greatly 
appreciated. the developers involved have worked hard to incorporate 
improvements based on them. i know because i spent quite a bit of time 
reviewing some of those changes.


* being defect free is not a prerequesite for being moved out of kdereview. i 
think we are getting confused between "ready to move out of kdereview" with 
"perfect". plasmate works, it is translatable, it follows other basic 
policies, etc. the developers working on it are really itching to get a first 
release out the door, and having it stuck in kde-review until it is deemed 
perfect is not helping that occur.

* insisting on things like a dialog must be based on KPasswordDialog prior to 
the whole app making its way out of kdereview is utterly absurd. particularly 
when in this case, it doesn't actually matter. i don't think that dialog is 
even used ... so yes, that code can be culled ... leaving it there doesn't 
hurt anything, however, and insisting on non-problem "issues" being attended 
to when the developers involved are focused on actual-problem issues is not 

* some valid issues raised during kdereview feedback have been scheduled for 
future releases; other issues were deemed invalid after further discussion. i 
don't like someone who is not involved either with the code in question or the 
release management of the project being able to override either of those sets 
of decisions. if those decisions were in violation of some kde policy (e.g. 
"must be translatable"), fine; but they aren't in that category of issues. 
instead, it's mostly "this could be better" or "i don't like how that 
particular block of code has been written".


Aaron J. Seigo
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