Plans for SVN infrastructure shutdown

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Thu Jan 3 13:59:49 GMT 2013

Am Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013, 19:07:36 schrieb T.C. Hollingsworth:
> On 1/2/13, Nicolás Alvarez <nicolas.alvarez at> wrote:
> > any feedback is welcome!
> Why does commitfilter have to die?  AFAICT, offers
> exactly zero of it's features--all it has is a pretty `git log` and an
> RSS feed.
> Leaving aside the fact that it doesn't do e-mail, I'll really miss the
> lack of regex-based filtering.  I use it to track commits to every
> doc/ directory in every repo in the project so I can easily copyedit
> newly written documentation.
> --T.C.

This was discussed on IRC, there are already attempts of writing a new 
implementation for a commitfilter. But this is very fresh and didn't make it to 
all sysadmins.
But without knowing the outcome in the end, we'll keep that item on the list 
(think of it as "let the old commitfilter die" ;) ).

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