Plans for SVN infrastructure shutdown

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Wed Jan 2 21:52:32 GMT 2013

Hello KDE developers!

As you know, a few years ago KDE decided to move to Git, and a lot of
our applications were migrated. However, we're not done yet. SVN is
still alive and kicking, hosting kdeadmin, kdeartwork, kdenetwork,
kdesdk, several websites, many extragear and playground applications,
and all the KDE translations.

This is a maintenance burden for the KDE sysadmin team. Not only we
have to keep the existing SVN infrastructure working, such as the main
SVN server and the mirrors, but we also have to add SVN support to
brand new services, such as the new IRC commit notification bot. We
don't have the resources to keep SVN alive forever.

So it's time to plan the shutdown of our SVN infrastructure. We have
written a timeline for the SVN decomissioning, for tasks such as
removing SVN support from secondary services, stop giving SVN access
to new developers, disabling our anonsvn mirrors, and the final
shutdown of

But we need your feedback. Within the sysadmin team we had some
discussions about what order or how soon to do certain steps. Surely
the KDE community as a whole would have even more opinions to
contribute :)

The initial draft of the SVN shutdown plan is available on the community wiki:

As you can see this is a long-term plan. None of this is written in
stone; any feedback is welcome!

KDE Sysadmin Team

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