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Teemu Rytilahti tpr at iki.fi
Thu Feb 7 11:04:32 GMT 2013

Martin Sandsmark wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 07, 2013 at 01:58:14AM +0100, Teemu Rytilahti wrote:
>> What kind of reports are those useless ones? Dupes? Downstream bugs?
>> Missing information? In my opinion reporting bugs to b.k.o is not that
>> easy (or I've become lazy) as it should be and that's why I'm wondering..
> All of the above, as well as obvious PEBKACs and support requests.

Dupes for crashes should be an easy one. Downstream bugs not so. Missing 
information, can we get some of that information automatically from the 
user's system, like e.g. Ubuntu and Mozilla are doing?

PEBKACs and support requests for crashes? Though for regular bug reporting I 
would like to see something similar to what Mozilla does; forward the user 
clearly needing support to forums and/or userbase, from the "report a bug" 
or b.k.o's bug input page..

Best Regards,
Teemu Rytilahti

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