kwalletmanager ui refactor

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Sun Feb 3 18:34:24 GMT 2013

On Sunday, February 03, 2013 14:50:33 Valentin Rusu wrote:
> Hello,
> Lots of us are frequently using kwalletmanager to get/store the secrets for
> the ever extending sensitive information. We click it's icon to pop the main
> window, then double click the main wallet icon to pop another window, that
> will eventually go to the second display (that's my case). Perhaps you put
> aside a quick thought that this should be changed, but return to the task
> under hand. And then forget about this until you'll next need to use
> kwalletmanager. :-)
> During last days I finally sat down and did a ui-refactor and now
> kwalletmanager handles all the wallets inside a single, KPageWidget based
> design. A screen capture is far better than a hundred words so here it is:

It looks great! One thing I'd add is that it seemed to inherit the old 
kwalletmanager size, which is too small for the new layout; perhaps ignore the 
old saved size and prefer sizeHint if the old size is < sizeHint (or just have 
a kconf_update script which removes the old saved size?)

P.S. For those wondering how best to review in the face of the source code 
being moved around, try this git command line:

$ git diff -M -C origin/master..origin/ui-refactor

-M tries to find renames, -C tries to find copies (not that there should be 
any here).

If you just want to see a summary you can put add --stat (but you might want 
to try --stat=120 to use more width, other you'll only see partial renames)

 - Michael Pyne
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