Review Request 108727: ktimezoned: Watch /etc/localtime if it doesn't exist yet.

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Sun Feb 3 04:30:14 GMT 2013

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Review request for KDE Runtime and David Jarvie.


/etc/localtime legitimately might not exist. The default is then UTC. But the file can then be created later, so watch for its creation.

If we don't do this, when setting the time zone for the first time using kcm_clock, the initially set time zone will fail to get reloaded and the dialog will unexpectedly jump back to UTC.

This problem shows up on Fedora 18, see:

Please note that to test the fix with kcm_clock, you also need the kcm_clock (kde-workspace) fix from:
(which is already approved and which I'll push to KDE/4.10 and merge to master as soon as the 4.10.0 tagging freeze is lifted).


  ktimezoned/ktimezoned.cpp 4eafa4e 



Builds against at least 4.10.0 and 4.9.5.

Works at runtime (and appears to fix the bug):


Kevin Kofler

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