KClasses vs. Qt5Classes

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue Dec 31 11:15:09 GMT 2013

On Thursday 26 December 2013 16:46:59 Allen Winter wrote:
> In KDE4 we had this list of KClasses we should be using instead of these
> associated QClasses:
> I know that some (or all?) of these QClasses in Qt5 are now cool for
> frameworks and eventually KDE5
> So my questions are:
> * which of these Qt5 classes are cool and which ones do we need to continue
> blacklisting from  frameworks+KDE5? 
> * are there any known Qt5 classes that we should avoid in frameworks+KDE5?

> QColorDialog => KColorDialog

Deprecated, QColorDialog is now cool.

> QComboBox => KComboBox

Both are OK to use, depends on the use case
(KComboBox provides KCompletion support)
So, remove the krazy check.

> QMessageBox => KMessageBox

Both are OK to use. KMessageBox has additional features.
Remove the krazy check.

> QErrorMessage => KMessageBox

QErrorMessage is still a weird beast which doesn't save the "don't show again" 
to disk. So yeah, keep this check.

> QInputDialog => KInputDialog

Deprecated, QInputDialog is now cool.

> QFileDialog => KFileDialog

Deprecated, QFileDialog is now cool.

> QProgressDialog => KProgressDialog


> QSplashScreen => KSplashScreen


> QSystemTrayIcon => KNotificationItem

No clue. I can't even find KNotificationItem in KF5 anywhere.... !?!?
In fact it doesn't exist in kdelibs4 either.

I think it got replaced with KStatusNotifierItem since 4.4 ?
That one is still valid in KF5 (framework "knotifications").
I have no idea if/why it means QSystemTrayIcon is bad though.

> QDialog => KDialog

Deprecated, QDialog is now cool.

> QLineEdit => KLineEdit

Same as QComboBox: both are OK, remove check.

> QTabBar => KTabBar


> QTabWidget => KTabWidget


> QTextBrowser => KTextBrowser


> QTextEdit => KTextEdit

Both are OK. E.g. KTextEdit provides spellchecking with its sonnet 
integration, but if you don't need that, QTextEdit is fine.

> QUrl => KUrl


> QNetworkAcessManager => KIO::AccessManager

Still true, keep this check.

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