KClasses vs. Qt5Classes

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Thu Dec 26 21:46:59 GMT 2013

In KDE4 we had this list of KClasses we should be using instead of these associated QClasses:

QColorDialog => KColorDialog
QComboBox => KComboBox
QMessageBox => KMessageBox
QErrorMessage => KMessageBox
QInputDialog => KInputDialog
QFileDialog => KFileDialog
QProgressDialog => KProgressDialog
QSplashScreen => KSplashScreen
QSystemTrayIcon => KNotificationItem
QDialog => KDialog
QLineEdit => KLineEdit
QTabBar => KTabBar
QTabWidget => KTabWidget
QTextBrowser => KTextBrowser
QTextEdit => KTextEdit
QUrl => KUrl
QNetworkAcessManager => KIO::AccessManager

I know that some (or all?) of these QClasses in Qt5 are now cool for frameworks and eventually KDE5

So my questions are:
* which of these Qt5 classes are cool and which ones do we need to continue blacklisting from  frameworks+KDE5?
* are there any known Qt5 classes that we should avoid in frameworks+KDE5?


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