Moving Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC

Vishesh Handa me at
Fri Dec 27 12:24:14 GMT 2013

On Wednesday 25 Dec 2013 23:43:20 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> The pim agent catalog name is wrong as discussed on IRC.


> balooshow and baloosearch are missing


> kio_tags is duplicated. What's the plan for it? Kill the old one? In that
> case, can the new one search tags created in nepomuk?
> Same question for kio_timeline.

Kill both of them. Neither of them will be able to search through information 
in Nepomuk. However, I do plan to write a simple application to migrate 
nepomuk tags, ratings and config settings into Baloo.

The only remaining Nepomuk bit in kde-runtime will be the kcm, which should be 
removed as well.

> I'm also concerned about what all the others are asking. In an ideal world
> the user should not care if he's using an app that uses baloo or uses
> nepomuk, since, as far as i understand, the "user exposed functionality"
> will be the same (even if the inner stuff is different), so if previously i
> did a tag somewhere and it showed somewhere else, i'd still expect this to
> work even if the stuff is using different "backends".

That's the plan. The user continues to tag files how they used to previously.

> As far as I understand, that's virtually impossible, but then it leads to
> the question. What's the plan? Just port *all* of nepomuk uses over to
> baloo for 4.13? What about the uses in kde-workspace?

The most notable use cases of Nepomuk are -

1. Dolphin - Nearly ported, needs more testing.
2. KMail - 80% done. Tags will be stored directly in Akonadi. Same for 
comments. So the only thing that had to be ported was searching.
3. GwenView - It'll be a simple port

kde-workspace just has a runner and a dataengine. Both of those can be 
provided by Baloo if required.

Activities - Will need to be ported. From my perspective it is a simple port 
that can be done during the Plasma sprint.

Vishesh Handa

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