Moving Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Dec 25 22:43:20 GMT 2013

El Dimarts, 24 de desembre de 2013, a les 11:28:11, Vishesh Handa va escriure:
> Hey guys
> I would like to move Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC soon. It would be
> nice if someone could review the code. Both the projects are in kdereview.

The pim agent catalog name is wrong as discussed on IRC.

balooshow and baloosearch are missing

kio_tags is duplicated. What's the plan for it? Kill the old one? In that 
case, can the new one search tags created in nepomuk?

Same question for kio_timeline.

I'm also concerned about what all the others are asking. In an ideal world the 
user should not care if he's using an app that uses baloo or uses nepomuk, 
since, as far as i understand, the "user exposed functionality" will be the 
same (even if the inner stuff is different), so if previously i did a tag 
somewhere and it showed somewhere else, i'd still expect this to work even if 
the stuff is using different "backends".

As far as I understand, that's virtually impossible, but then it leads to the 
question. What's the plan? Just port *all* of nepomuk uses over to baloo for 
4.13? What about the uses in kde-workspace?


> Baloo is a metadata and search framework which is a successor to the Nepomuk
> project. It primarily provides -
> * An API for searching
> * A way of storing relations between entities
> * File indexing
> * Email and Contact Indexing
> * timeline kioslave
> Baloo-widgets is a direct fork of nepomuk-widgets (history preserved). It
> offers the same widgets and API as nepomuk-widgets.

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