frameworks build instructions wrong / won't work with kubuntu 14.04

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Thu Dec 19 14:15:58 GMT 2013

Harald Sitter wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 2:20 PM, Stephen Kelly <steveire at> wrote:
>> Harald Sitter wrote:
>>> xnox was nice enough to look into this in detail and identified the
>>> problem as having a much smaller scope than I had originally thought.
>> 1) What is the problem?
> Essentially this change:

> b) semi-hardcodes qmake/moc/rcc to the system Qt path
> /usr/lib/$architecturetriplet/... when env DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH is set
> (which apparently is always the case when building a package on
> ubuntu)

There is no reason to do so.

> Should be fixed as per:
>> 2) Why does the package creation result in broken cmake files generated
>> from the Qt tarball?
> The files (or rather paths set in there) are simply overridden as per
> the cross compilation stuff described above.

There is no reason to do so.

> Since you want the host
> architecture tooling (e.g. i386) but the qt cmake config would point
> to the target tooling (e.g. arm),

This claim makes no sense. In a Qt cross compile build, the tooling is built 
for the host.

So, the packaging is still doing something wrong.



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