Nepomuk in 4.13 and beyond

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Dec 13 10:44:46 GMT 2013

On Thursday 12 December 2013, Vishesh Handa wrote:
> About 2 months ago we started to draft Baloo [1], a metadata solution
> that
> will cover the bare necessities of each use case we have.
> I'd like to avoid getting into the technical details of the implementation
> in this thread. Another thread can be started about its different aspects
> once
> you've read the basic ideas behind Baloo [2]

First of all, I'm happy an alternative solution to virtuoso exists and is 
already at such advanced stage. Those days I was playing with nepomuk (among 
the other things) on ARM and the performance was a bit worrying.. however with 
this moving forward, I'm a good deal less worried now :D

That said, I fear there may be features that get lost, especially for active, 
I'll discuss those in the appropriate branch of the thread

Marco Martin

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