Review Request 112463: Port SMB kioslave to KF5/Qt5

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Can anyone look at this?

On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 10:32 PM, Mark Gaiser <markg85 at> wrote:

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>   Review request for KDE Runtime and KDE Frameworks.
> By Mark Gaiser.
> *Updated Dec. 1, 2013, 9:32 p.m.*
> Changes
> Updated diff since Dawit is done with his patches.
> I tried to be as thorough as possible with this porting. You won't see any new notices or warning coming from this patch. I at least didn't saw any in my test compiles.
> As for testing this. I did manage to test it and got file listings back. So that makes me think that it's ported properly and working. But i have to say that testing this is very tricky! The applications that one would normally use to verify if everything is OK (aka, dolphin) is not possible because dolphin isn't ported. Testing it in my new app "Accretion" is possible, but not reliable since that is in heavy development. If something doesn't show up there it doesn't mean the slave is broken :)
> So this patch is partly based on guess work. It looks like it's working fine.
> On the other hand, if it isn't i'm likely the one finding it out anyway since i'm digging around a lot in this area lately.
>   *Repository: * kde-runtime
> Description
> This is the initial port! I added two TODO lines in the diff for parts where i'm not sure if I've ported them correctly.
> Also, i needed a change in FindSamba.cmake to even get the samba detection working. That reviewrequest is waiting here: you're probably OK if you still use samba 3.x
> Once i know that this is actually working then i will comment some qDebug lines.
>   Testing
> It compiles and gets loaded just fine. I tried testing this on an actual samba share, but i kept getting a 111 error (connection refused) from kio_smb so i'm hoping that is a local issue here. If someone else could try this out and verify that it's either working or broken.
>   Diffs (updated)
>    - kioslave/CMakeLists.txt (fc594e4)
>    - kioslave/smb/CMakeLists.txt (a3a2265)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb.h (c2229ab)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb.cpp (2c2523a)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_auth.cpp (4d236b4)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_browse.cpp (5253be9)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_dir.cpp (ba80c86)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_file.cpp (206526a)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_internal.h (4b946c1)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_internal.cpp (e943844)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_mount.cpp (a5a7e8e)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_win.h (f1dcb6f)
>    - kioslave/smb/kio_smb_win.cpp (14dd797)
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