libs/kworkspace/kdisplaymanager.cpp mess

Martin Briza mbriza at
Thu Apr 25 14:11:25 BST 2013

Hi everyone,

after fixing a bit in the $subj file I've realized it (in my opinion)  
should be split into one abstract class with a factory handling the  
back-ends provided by the current session managers such as ConsoleKit and  
systemd-logind while providing one module for the legacy DMs with their  
socket communication protocols.

I would leave creating the CK module to somebody who is experienced with  
how exactly the whole system works and knows if it is safe.
The systemd module would be done by me as all the legacy methods of  
session management are not necessary with it.

To provide reasons why to do it:
  - The current state is nearly unmaintainable and having all three (for  
now) ways of session handling in one file doesn't feel very clean.
  - The KDisplayManager class is used only on a few places so replacing its  
constructions with calls to the factory will be easy.
  - Of course there will be a bit less D-Bus calls and a little overall  
performance improvement (but I doubt it'll be noticeable).

What I'm asking is if anyone's opposed or has any objections please,  
before I split the file and open the review request itself.

Kind regards,

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