Use of bin versus libexec

Jonathan Marten jjm2 at
Wed Sep 26 10:42:07 BST 2012

After a lot of discussion, is seems that there are some executables
(as per Thiago's list) that can be moved out.  For others
(e.g. Akonadi) it is problematic because there is no standardization
on the location for a "system-wide" libexec as per David's comments
below, so they will have to stay unless a better solution can be

I'm willing to do some work on those that can be moved, but would it
be acceptable to do such changes (in trunk) at this stage - or would
they have to wait for the next major release (i.e. "KDE 5")?

Regards, Jonathan

David Faure <faure at> writes:
> We really need a FHS addition for libexec.
> Due to the current mess, QStandardPaths::findExe can't look into libexec, so 
> the only way to find stuff there is to compile the install prefix into the 
> library (that's what I do in KF5 for now).

Jonathan Marten               
Twickenham, UK                          jjm2 at

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