Nepomuk Metadata Extractor moved to KDE Review

Burkhard Lück lueck at
Wed Oct 31 10:10:57 GMT 2012

Am Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012, 23:11:57 schrieb Jörg Ehrichs:
> Hi all,
> today I've moved my metadata extractor into KDE Review [1].
> As kde-libs is frozen till kf5 I like to get this into extragear/base
> (unless anyone has a better idea where to put this).
> For those who are unaware what this little program does:
> This programs is an extension to Nepomuk and is able to find
> additional metadata for videos/music and documents on the Internet.
> Based on filename / previous metadata extraction / mimetype one of the
> existing python plugin based (thanks to KROSS) fetcher are called,
> to get more information for a file.
> This can be, title, season, episode, writer, author, cast, cited
> references and so on.
> All this data is saved into Nepomuk and can be used with Dolphin /
> Bangarang to get more information from your files.
> The program is integrated into the dolpin service menu, can be called
> as command-line program, runs as a Nepomuk2::Service in the background
> (can be switched off)
> and has also adapters to be able to integrate into Konqueror and Chromium.
> More information on it can be found on my blog [2].
> Some more technical description is available via doxygen.
> Please review the current codebase to help this getting as stable as
> possible.
You extract all messages to one catalog called metadataextractor.

But the control module loads a catalog called kcm_metadataextractor and thus 
is untranslated.

This patch solves this issue:

kdedev at parodia:~/svn$ rgit diff kdereview/nepomuk-metadata-extractor/
diff --git a/kcm/metadataextractorkcm.cpp b/kcm/metadataextractorkcm.cpp
index 6446453..6530c83 100644
--- a/kcm/metadataextractorkcm.cpp
+++ b/kcm/metadataextractorkcm.cpp
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
 using namespace NepomukMetaDataExtractor;
 K_PLUGIN_FACTORY( MetaDataExtractorKCMFactory, 
registerPlugin<MetaDataExtractorKCM>(); )
-K_EXPORT_PLUGIN( MetaDataExtractorKCMFactory("kcm_metadataextractor") )
MetaDataExtractorKCMFactory("kcm_metadataextractor","metadataextractor") )
 MetaDataExtractorKCM::MetaDataExtractorKCM(QWidget *parent, const 
QVariantList &list)
     : KCModule( MetaDataExtractorKCMFactory::componentData(), parent, list )

Burkhard Lück

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