Nepomuk Metadata Extractor moved to KDE Review

Jörg Ehrichs Joerg.Ehrichs at
Tue Oct 30 22:11:57 GMT 2012

Hi all,

today I've moved my metadata extractor into KDE Review [1].
As kde-libs is frozen till kf5 I like to get this into extragear/base
(unless anyone has a better idea where to put this).

For those who are unaware what this little program does:

This programs is an extension to Nepomuk and is able to find
additional metadata for videos/music and documents on the Internet.
Based on filename / previous metadata extraction / mimetype one of the
existing python plugin based (thanks to KROSS) fetcher are called,
to get more information for a file.

This can be, title, season, episode, writer, author, cast, cited
references and so on.
All this data is saved into Nepomuk and can be used with Dolphin /
Bangarang to get more information from your files.

The program is integrated into the dolpin service menu, can be called
as command-line program, runs as a Nepomuk2::Service in the background
(can be switched off)
and has also adapters to be able to integrate into Konqueror and Chromium.

More information on it can be found on my blog [2].
Some more technical description is available via doxygen.

Please review the current codebase to help this getting as stable as possible.

Thanks in advance,


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