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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu Oct 25 09:46:05 BST 2012

On Wednesday, October 24, 2012 21:10:58 Josef Spillner wrote:
> It should be easily possible to define asset content models and delivery
> options to cover this diversity in a multi-market frontend. While for most
> digital assets the delivery option may be "download" or "subscribe", for
> services like cloud storage it may be "create an account" (or "replicate at
> my own infrastructure" for the better ones), and for products like used
> bikes it may be "send it over to me". 

let's divide this into 2 pieces: services and physical goods.

services: we already can support those, and will hopefully see our first 
services appear in Plasma Active 4 with the work being done to bring good 
ownCloud sync integration to PA. most of the work has been done thanks to 
Klaas' pretty snazzy "mirall", and Sebas has been adding the necessary UI 
bits. the plan is to offer services via Bodega that install the relevant sync 
bits that are missing, including account configuration.

we're also starting to look into other types of services, such as 
subscriptions (though they usually result in access to digital assets, we'll 
ignore that detail for now ;). again, both free-as-in-beer subscriptions as 
well as for-a-fee.

so services: check :)

for physical items .. that is indeed something we haven't yet considered. but 
you're right .. there's no particular reason it couldn't be done. it would 
mean adding inventory and a shipping infrastructure to the system, two things 
non-tangible assets don't have to deal with. i think this is out of scope for 
now, as we have a number of things already on the roadmap to finish out .. but 
i won't exclude it as an idea for the future.

thanks for challenging our vision by pushing it further :)

Aaron J. Seigo
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