kdereview: bodega

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 05:12:41 BST 2012

2012/10/24, Josef Spillner <spillner at kde.org>:
> Hello Aaron,
> :: Aaron J. Seigo Mittwoch 24 Oktober 2012
>> * it is not limited to (or even focused on) software, but any digital
>> asset.
> I'd like to encourage you to go further and drop the restriction to
> "digital"
> assets eventually. Many people use their computer to buy or share real stuff
> online. There are increasingly attempts to make this possible via free
> infrastructure (e.g. http://cirandas.net/search/products), all with their
> own
> user interfaces, but also with programmatic interfaces waiting to be
> connected
> to desktops.
> It should be easily possible to define asset content models and delivery
> options to cover this diversity in a multi-market frontend. While for most
> digital assets the delivery option may be "download" or "subscribe", for
> services like cloud storage it may be "create an account" (or "replicate at
> my
> own infrastructure" for the better ones), and for products like used bikes
> it
> may be "send it over to me". All of these delivery options would be
> associated
> with a webpage to proceed in the most simple case, and there would be
> corresponding wizards to add new offers which stay under the user's control
> and are merely propagated to any selected market.
> No desktop is currently able to capture this multiplicity, but it seems
> worthwhile to try.

I see what you mean, and indeed that's an interesting use case that
could use a common solution. But I'm not sure if Bodega is the right
place to do it. It might be stretching its scope/goals too much.


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