Requiring cmake 2.8.9 for kdelibs 4.10 ?

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Thu Oct 4 11:49:34 BST 2012

Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> On Monday 01 October 2012, David Faure wrote:
>> On Monday 01 October 2012 09:53:22 Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> > Instead, I say we should do a 'pain free' update to 2.8.7 now, and an
>> > update  to 2.8.11 later.
>> Yes.
> I disagree.
> If we upgrade now, I want to have at least 2.8.8
> This has a lof of work for supporting cmake's Config.cmake files, and with
> 2.8.8 I can finally point users how to create properly working (including
> Windows) Config.cmake files with reasonable effort.

I don't see why that can't wait a little while longer.

What is Windows-specific about how we create Config files currently?

> KDE 4.10 is scheduled for January 23rd, CMake 2.8.8 has been released
> April 19th, so it is 9 months old.

The distros people are using to develop KDE 4.10 ship with CMake 2.8.7 (eg 
latest Ubuntu). I think that's a more significant fact. 

The next version of Ubuntu will ship at the end of October and will have 
CMake 2.8.9 I guess. I don't think everyone upgrades immediately though, and 
I don't know the release schedules of other distros.

I don't think it's a good idea to depend on CMake 2.8.8 for KDE 4.10.

If you commit it though, I won't revert. I'm just claiming it's not a great 
idea, and I don't see the particular urgent need.



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