Translating Akonadi

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Oct 1 18:32:04 BST 2012

El Dilluns, 1 d'octubre de 2012, a les 11:36:36, Andras Mantia va escriure:
> Hi,


>  Akonadi is a server application without KDE dependencies and originally was
> designed to not show any user-visible strings, except in debug logs.
> Unfortunately the way it evolved resulted in some error messages going into
> user visible message boxes. These strings are currently not translated, nor
> even marked as translatable.
>  As it is KDE independent, we cannot use the i18n family, but we can use
> tr() for user visible strings. The question is: how should we proceed in a
> way that KDE translators can translate it easily? As far as I heard, Solid
> is in a similar case, so probably there is a solution.

Sorry, but no, our current situation has no solution for your needs.

Making translators able to translate strings in Akonadi is trivial, but we 
have no way for you to use those translations since without kdecore you have 
no way to understand gettext files and bridge them to tr().

The plan for the future (ie frameworks) is to do .po -> .ts -> .qm conversion 
on build time so libraries that don't depend on the localization framework can 
still have translatable messages.

That is not yet done and it's not on my "near schedule" either.


>  Can someone from the translation team help to set up the framework (CMake
> rules and such), so we can start to mark the strings to be translatable?
> Thanks,
> Andras

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