Translating Akonadi

Andras Mantia amantia at
Mon Oct 1 09:36:36 BST 2012


 Akonadi is a server application without KDE dependencies and originally was 
designed to not show any user-visible strings, except in debug logs. 
Unfortunately the way it evolved resulted in some error messages going into 
user visible message boxes. These strings are currently not translated, nor 
even marked as translatable.
 As it is KDE independent, we cannot use the i18n family, but we can use tr() 
for user visible strings. The question is: how should we proceed in a way that 
KDE translators can translate it easily? As far as I heard, Solid is in a 
similar case, so probably there is a solution.
 Can someone from the translation team help to set up the framework (CMake 
rules and such), so we can start to mark the strings to be translatable?


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