Requiring cmake 2.8.9 for kdelibs 4.10 ?

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Mon Oct 1 08:53:22 BST 2012

>> So from the building kde stuff point of view it should be relatively
>> painless, and we free ourselves from the silly restrictions we have by
>> having CMake 2.8.6 as the minimum required version,
> We're at 2.6.4 ;-)

Yes, sorry. Typod.

>> such as not being able to use CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR etc.
> Yes.

We should update the CMake dependency now because updating it is so overdue. 
I don't think updating now for the features in 2.8.10/9 makes sense, because 
it would make more sense to update to 2.8.11 as I outlined in my previous 

So if we do one 'painful' update to 2.8.9 now, we'll do another 'painful' 
update to 2.8.11 later.

Instead, I say we should do a 'pain free' update to 2.8.7 now, and an update 
to 2.8.11 later. Whether that update needs to be 'painful' or not remains to 
be seen. 

I also think 2.8.8 is good, but if we update to that, lots of people will 
notice. If we update to 2.8.7, far fewer people, if any, will notice.



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