Review request: moving libkgoogle to extragear

Dan Vratil dan at
Sat May 26 16:23:13 BST 2012

On Saturday 26 of May 2012 11:42:41 Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:
> Dan Vratil <dan at> writes:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > LibKGoogle is a new optional dependency of kdepim-runtime. It's used by
> > the
> > new Akonadi Google resources.
> > 
> > It's now in kdereview [0] and I'd like to move it to extragear, so I'm
> > asking for a review on the library.
> One thing I have noticed is that libkgoogle seems to be GPLv3+, while
> KDE's licensing policy [1] says code under the GPL should be GPLv2+.

As far as I understand the policies, libkgoogle is a subject to point 5, which 

Any other source files must be licensed under one of the terms listed under 4) 
or one of the following terms
 * GPL version 2 as listed in kdelibs/COPYING or later
 * GPL version 2 or version 3 or later versions approved by the membership of 
KDE e.V.
 * ...

I understand the second item as "either GPLv2 or GPLv3 or any later approved 
version", so GPLv3+ should be OK too, right?

But if GPLv3+ should really be a problem, I'm OK with downgrading the license 
(I guess I'll have to ask others who contributed).

> The ${qjson_LIBRARIES} hack should not be needed anymore anyway, as the
> naming scheme was restored months ago in git master (no version was
> released with the names messed up).

Thanks, I'll remove it.

> [1]
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