Review request: moving libkgoogle to extragear

John Layt jlayt at
Sat May 26 19:20:04 BST 2012

On Saturday 26 May 2012 00:47:04 Dan Vratil wrote:
> Hi,
> LibKGoogle is a new optional dependency of kdepim-runtime. It's used by the
> new Akonadi Google resources.
> It's now in kdereview [0] and I'd like to move it to extragear, so I'm
> asking for a review on the library.
> Thanks
> Dan
> [0]

I'm no lawyer, but I suspect calling it libkgoogle may fall foul of Google's 
trademark policies.  See  You 
may need to give the library and repo a different name.  It also sounds too 
generic, like it includes all Google's services including search and maps, 
when it is only the Akonadi resource for PIM stuff.

But otherwise great work (not that I've reviewed the code) :-)



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