Review Request: Fix for SSL handeshake failure in TcpSlaveBase due to server not supporting SSL compression

Dawit Alemayehu adawit at
Wed May 23 15:01:11 BST 2012

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(Updated May 23, 2012, 2:01 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs and Thiago Macieira.


Updated testing done and dependency.

Description (updated)

The attached patch addresses the issue of SSL handshake failure in TcpSlaveBase due to lack of support for disabling SSL compression in Qt. As of 4.8, Qt supports this functionality so this patch implements support for activing that support in KTcpSocket and using it from KIO::TcpSlaveBase so that users will be able to browse SSL protected sites that do not support SSL compression.

Note that this review request requires 

This addresses bug 275524.


  kio/kio/tcpslavebase.h fea2c08 
  kio/kio/tcpslavebase.cpp d0f92b4 


Testing (updated)

Visit the links below before and after the patch: and click on "Apply Now"


Dawit Alemayehu

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