Moving "scheck" from kdesdk to tags/unmaintained/4/scheck ?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu May 17 03:39:10 BST 2012


in preparation of the migration of kdesk to git I found that scheck in 
kdesdk is currently excluded from the build, because it has been never 
completely ported to Qt4/KDE4. And it seems noone has missed it for 4 years, 
perhaps accel conflicts & Co. are no longer a big problem?

Thus I will move kdesdk/scheck to tags/unmaintained/4/scheck next 
Sunday, May 20th, in the European evening, unless anyone objects.

Also blogged for a new maintainer of scheck, perhaps somebody likes to pick 
the scheck style up:

Any way, being in unmaintained soon does not prevent it to become migrated to 
a git repo later as well, if ported.


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