Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Sat Mar 17 20:05:27 GMT 2012

On Wednesday, 2012-03-14, Matthias Klumpp wrote:

> And btw. colord is a XDG project, not a GNOME project. Yes, it was
> started by a GNOME developer, but this doesn't make it a GNOME
> project. It is developed independent from GNOME.

Being a project in the sense of being hosted at does not add any value to this discussion. It is only hosted 
there because it is lead by GNOME developers with enought connections to fdo 
admins got a repository approved.

A project originating at KDE would not have been able to do that no matter how 
independently developed it would have been.

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