Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-dev at
Thu Mar 15 03:43:59 GMT 2012

> On the other hand if there are things that a mere 'power user' might 

> find 
> useful (that colord will not be supporting due to scope) then it might make 
> sense to have extra U/I if Oyranos is available. Perhaps multi-monitor CMS 
> would fit the bill (assuming colord will not support).

I'm sure you were just giving an example but as someone earlier mentioned
something about NVIDIA here's the explanation:
Multi monitor color correction works as long as your video driver supports
XRandR 1.3, which means NVIDIA proprietary driver is the only one not
supporting this. If we support XRR 1.2 both monitors get the same correction.


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