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Thu Mar 15 00:47:48 GMT 2012

Em Wednesday 14 March 2012, Daniel Nicoletti escreveu:
> > So you are saying your original argument is not valid anymore?
> Where is the Oyranos CUPS patch? All I see is a planning since as
> far as I can tell he didn't decide the best way to do it, OTOH we have
> something that already works for a bunch of people.

	Oyranos were against the patch, Kai-Uwe already said that and explained 
why. The fact that there is patch does not mean it is the correct way to do 
things. The fact that it is not integrated upstream can also mean cups 
developers to do not like it. Do you know what they think about the patch?
> > I said I wanted the most versatile, which means one that satisfies my
> > needs *and* somebody else's needs. You are completey ignoring the fact
> > that there are people using oyranos too, it has been developed for
> > years, do you think it's fair to drop all that work now? I am in favor
> > of adding support to both colord and oyranos in kdegraphics. One way of
> > doing that is adding support to colord to kolor-manager, which talks has
> > already started.
> Tell me, who is using besides Cine Paint?

	I was talking about people using oyranos, not programs. I think people 
matters more than programs (that is what the rebranding of "KDE" to mean the 
community was all about). I do not how many programs use oyranos, I am very 
new to this color management world. I know Krita can use it, then so far two 
programs. Not counting compiz because most KDE users (people) use kwin 
instead. I really think oyranos should integrate better with cups and kwin, 
which I think are the most used programs that can benefit from it.

> I never said a word on dropping Oyranos development, but I do believe from
> a technological point of view it hasn't succeed in all these years. We now
> have telepathy. Who will be willing to keep kopete which has far more years
> than even Oyranos in favor of a nicer user experience? Or even dolphin why
> stop using konqueror file management when a file driven experience has come
> in place?

	What do you think is going to happen if Oyranos lose support from all 
major desktops? That is a dead end for any user-oriented opensource project. I 
still commit patches to Kopete, but I already know and said that its fate is 
to disappear. OBS: I am going to use Kopete until there is no metacontact 
implementation in telepathy-kde :-P or until I can keep it working. By the 
way, telepathy-kde was meant to be a KDE 4 project. Before KDE 4.0.0 was 
released most Kopete developers tried to implement a KDE telepathy client and 
failed. I do not know if that was the cause of Kopete developers lose interest 
in Kopete but that for sure made Kopete 4.0.0 sub-par to 3.5.10 feature wise 
speaking. That was why I started to commit patches to Kopete, I wanted to 
implement the missing features from 3.5.10, that was in 2009. I do not use 
file managers, so I did not try to make Konqueror still work :-D but I am in 
charge of Plasma NM, which has less features than nm-applet. If I followed 
your examples I would be using MacOS or even Windows by now instead of helping 
develop KDE sofware.
> > And no, I have not tested either of them and how computer color
> > management is supposed to work for a daltonian (like me)? Even if I had
> > tested by what everybody already said here, nobody is an expert in color
> > managament to judge the merits of either project, so let's add support
> > to both. As I wrote before, as long as the project has a community to
> > maintain it, I do not see why not use it.
> Surely even daltonians would like to see on their computers colors more
> close to reality, I don't see why this have to be different if you are
> daltonian or not. I don't believe anyone needs to be a color expert to
> tell which is best, we are developers we know development if you need to
> maintain a piece of software what matters is your development skills. I
> can't maintain a complex piece of software few people understand.

	You tell me, I do not know how to test color management. How did you 
test colord for instance? You are saying colord is best based on your personal 
use of color management (and the number of colord users, which is mandatory 
for Gnome3 by what I know). Have you ever considered that your personal use is 
not what other users of color management software need? I am maintaining a 
complex piece of software few people (fully) understand.

Lamarque V. Souza
KDE's Network Management maintainer
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